make believe.

December 10.
University of Hawaii at Manoa.

"Tarzan, in one tree, sights Jane in another tree. He grabs the end of a vine with length 20 m that makes an angle of 45° with the vertical, steps offhis tree limb, and swings down and then up to Jane’s open arms. When he arrives, his vine makes an angle of 30° with the vertical. Determine whether he gives her a tender embrace or knocks her off her limb by calculating Tarzan’s speed just before he reaches Jane. You can ignore air resistance and the mass of the vine."

lol, my physics homework.

P.S. The answer is 7.89 m/s; He basically knocks her the fuck out.

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    haha searching google for help with my physics homework, and this was one of the top results…
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    I laughed. Cool homework (y)
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    One physics exercise I would probably enjoy solving :P
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